Air Ambulance services in Dallas & Houston Texas

If you have a situation and need an air ambulance, where do you get one? It is not like calling a cab or calling 911.  It’s not likely that you walk around with an air ambulance number is your contact list. Amera Solutions operates a private air ambulance service in Dallas, Houston. Their air ambulance service has been a great success and they now serve the greater Southwest as well. They also offer global services.

You might think medical air transportation will be prohibitively expensive. Well it is going to be more expensive than conventional ambulance services, but not prohibitively so. An air ambulance is a private service for a patient and accompanying medical staff. Highly trained pilots get you safely from A to B, and dedicated medical staff provide the required patient care and attention. The medical flight crew will study the patients’ medical history and condition to ensure the right medical team and equipment is on board.

There are definite benefits when you use a private air ambulance. Speed is of course a major one. When you need to travel hundreds of kilometres to a medical facility, nothing gets you there faster than an air ambulance.  An air ambulance can also be used to transport organs from one location to another.

An air ambulance is fully equipped with cutting edge medical equipment and facilities. Along with highly trained medical staff, a patient receives the best possible in-transport care. Medical equipment and supplies are properly checked before the flight takes off.

If you can’t afford or don’t need the full private air ambulance service, you could request the services of a medical escort on regular commercial flight.

When it comes to patient transfer, you can rely on Amera Solutions for the appropriate service, be it an air ambulance, medical escort or regular ambulance service.