Wheelchair Taxi in Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, and St. Petersburg

Normally getting to a medical appointment is not usually a problem. But that all changes when you are in a wheelchair, whether that’s on a temporary basis or permanently. When you are in that predicament, what do you do in Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, St. Petersburg, or the surrounding areas? You need to call Amera to learn more about their wheelchair taxi and how it can help you make it to your medical appointments. Amera has the vehicles that you need, with the courteous drivers to get you to your appointment on time.

Professional Drivers and Costs

Wheelchair Taxi in Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, and St. PetersburgYou might be wondering why you would choose to work with Amera. Aren’t they just like any other taxi or ride-sharing service? No, the vehicles and personnel with Amera are different from your average taxi service. The drivers themselves are professionals who hold the proper licensures as well as insurance, so you can be sure that your driver is held to the highest standards. But perhaps the most important piece to the puzzle is the vehicles themselves. Amera has vehicles that are equipped to handle wheelchairs, and have options for loading wheelchairs from either the side of the vehicle or the rear of the vehicle.

Amera’s wheelchair taxi service works for you by providing an appointment service. No longer will you have to wait for your taxi to show up, possibly miss your appointment, or deal with a ride-sharing service that can’t accommodate wheelchairs. Instead, Amera will ask for your appointment schedule so that they can be sure to have a vehicle and driver ready to go when you need them.

When Can You Use Wheelchair Transportation

Many people have the mistaken view that you need to be permanently in a wheelchair in order to use the services that Amera provides. Many times, patients are only temporarily in a wheelchair due to surgery, accident, or other situation. It is tempting to try to use one of the apps to call a vehicle for you, but will they be able to handle your wheelchair, even if you can move out of it and collapse the wheelchair? And will you be able to get a ride when you need it? With Amera, you can call to schedule your transportation and can count on it being there when you need it, from Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, St. Petersburg, or the surrounding areas. Give them a call to learn more about the vehicles that they use and what to expect when you use Amera for your wheelchair transportation.