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Medical Transportation in Houston | For Seniors and the Disabled

At Amera, we know that providing medical transportation is living proof that necessity is truly the mother of invention. This company is the realization of the dream of a successful CFO with an expertise in strategic and project management. Our CFO recognized the need for affordable medical transportation, which includes disabled transportation services.

In 2004, this entrepreneur teamed up with a Certified Educator bearing a psychology degree with a concentration in education, an instructor with a passion for doing more to help others. Our medical transportation and coordination agency developed a plan to provide safe and dependable patient transport services that would be affordable to seniors and people with disabilities or otherwise infirm patients.

Fulfilling a Desperate Need for Reliable Patient Transport

As word spread throughout the local medical industry, Amera quickly developed a reputation for affordable transportation need that, up until then, had been neglected. At first, our growth was more a natural and necessary response to a real problem before becoming a definitive plan to expand. From humble beginnings, we have grown and continue to grow to meet the ever-increasing need for affordable patient transport, especially for senior citizens and the disabled.

Today, Amera maintains a fully-coordinated one-point center. We work with all major insurance providers, including Medicare and Medicaid, to provide services that include ambulance/stretcher services, wheelchair van, shuttle bus and sedan with attendants for out-patient procedures for both local and long distance needs. You can also count on us for domestic and international air ambulance services.

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The lack of affordable patient transport for those in need isn’t limited to our community. Caregivers, medical facilities and physicians around the country are continually frustrated by the inability of patients to make appointments in order to receive services vital to their health, while patients in desperate need of quality care are missing out. The care is available, but affordable medical transportation is not.

Research shows that the greatest demographics affected by limited transportation are senior citizens and the disabled. These demographics will continue to increase exponentially in the next 20 years. The availability of reliable patient transport for senior citizens and the disabled will be more critical than ever. Consider the following facts:

2002 U.S. Census data showed that senior citizens (over 65) and the disabled accounted for 12% of the U.S. population.

The U.S. Census estimates that by 2025, 18% of the population will be aged 65 or older.

Of that 18%, the number of disabled or infirm individuals will have increased by 79%.

U.S. Census estimates the total population of those aged 65 and over or disabled will reach 62 million by 2025, exceeding 20% (one in five residents) in 26 states.

Our agency intends to grow to meet this increased need, establishing dispatch service centers throughout the United States. Amera is here to provide dependable and affordable patient transportation to everyone in need regardless of age. Our agency is dedicated to supporting both healthcare providers and the patients they serve.

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