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Exclusive Medical Transportation Services

Non Emergency Medical Transportation in Houston | AmeraSolutions | Amera SolutionsNon Emergency Medical Transportation in Houston | AmeraSolutions | Amera Solutions
Whether you are disabled, completely confined to a bed due to infirmity, or simply cannot drive due to health-related issues, we will be there for your medical transportation needs. You can customize your request and we will accommodate you accordingly, for example, if you require a sedan, wheelchair van, or ambulance. We offer the following local and long distance medical transportation services:

Wheelchair Transportation

If you ever need wheelchair transportation, Amera will always be standing by to assist you. We have been building on our reputation since 2004, and we are proud of the fact that we fill an important void that exists within our health care system. When you or someone that you love is in a wheelchair, transportation can be challenging.
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Private Ambulance

If you require non-emergency medical transportation for any reason, Amera is the private ambulance service that you can rely on for timely and efficient responses at affordable prices. Our agency has been coordinating private ambulances for well over a decade, and we have established our reputation as the premier private ambulance service provider.
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Air Ambulance

When you or a loved one needs air transport, it can be a very helpless feeling. Everyone knows how to contact a taxi cab, but things are entirely different when it comes to air medical. This is a very specialized area, and no one has an air transport service in their smart phone address book.

We recognized this dynamic back in 2004, and we endeavored to create an agency that could satisfy the air transport medical needs of people around the world. That was well over a decade ago, and we at Amera have established ourselves as one of the premier air ambulance and medical transportation agencies in the Southwest, and we continue to grow. Our expansion efforts are underway because of the feedback we have received from our global clients. Amera is ready to assist our global clients with over 100 languages available to help detail every reservation.

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Medical Coordination

Amera Solutions is the premier provider of non-emergency medical transportation for those in need of medical coordination. If you ever need air ambulance services, we are available to accommodate both domestic and international needs.

The medical coordination transportation service provided by our agency is designed to meet the needs of the elderly and disabled. This service is the affordable, safe and dependable alternative to asking friends and family members for a ride or missing a medical appointment due to transportation expense. For any medical transportation other than life-threatening emergencies requiring a 911 call, we are the agency to contact.

Attendant / Medical Escort

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Local and long distance medical transportation for the elderly and disabled to healthcare facilities is available via Amera. We send a qualified attendant escort to ensure you get where you need to go and answer any question you may have. Our medical transportation agency is equipped to cover all of the following medical needs:

  • Doctors Appointment
  • Day Surgery
  • Orthopedic Clinic
  • Therapy / Rehab Treatment
  • Medical Research Study
  • Workers Comp
  • Dialysis/Wound Center
  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation Treatment
  • Pharmacy
  • Diagnostic/Imaging Center
  • Dentist/Oral Surgeon
  • Adult Day Care
  • Nursing Home / Assisted Living
  • Hospital (including Emergency Hospital Transport)

Supporting Healthcare Providers and Their Patients

Private physicians, treatment clinics, dialysis facilities, imaging and diagnostic centers, medical laboratories, medical research centers and so many other healthcare providers rely on Amera to transport elderly and disabled patients. That is because they have found the problem of “no-shows” to be a growing concern.

The lack of reliable medical transportation is the number one reason a patient misses a scheduled appointment. Our medical transportation agency provides a professional, cost-effective solution, which includes our stretcher service and licensed medics.

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