Medical Transportation in Jacksonville, Florida including Air Ambulance Service and Dialysis Transportation to Hospitals

Transportation for Disabled in Jacksonville, FloridaAmerica Solutions is the premier private ambulance service in Jacksonville, Florida. We established our business in 2004 because we sincerely wanted to help people that have a hard time finding non emergency transportation to medical appointments. Our company has been growing ever since then, and all the positive feedback that we get from satisfied clients is quite gratifying.

Many people outside of the area are not aware of the fact that Jacksonville is the largest city in the state of Florida with regard to population. Plus, it has more landmass than any other city in the United States. Clearly, it is a world-class town with a great deal to offer to its residents.

We take our commitment to this fine community seriously, and we know how to get patients to their appointments with doctors quickly, safely, and efficiently. If you are in Dames Point, Mandarin, Greenfield, Cosmo, Gilmore, or any part of Jacksonville, Florida transportation to medical appointments will always be at your fingertips.

Our company provides comprehensive medical transportation services, so you can rely on us for transportation to hospitals for inpatient procedures as well. We also offer drop off and wait for hospital patient transportation for people that are going in for tests or relatively quick outpatient procedures.

If you need a wheelchair transport in Jacksonville, Florida, we have you covered, and our professionals in the field understand exactly how to provide transportation for disabled clients. Dialysis transportation is another area of expertise for us. Our vehicles are appropriately equipped, and our attendants are fully qualified professionals.

Jacksonville, FL Air Ambulance Services

There are many fantastic hospitals in JAX. However, in some cases, patients require medical air transport services to reach medical facilities that are equipped to perform certain highly specialized procedures. On the other side of the coin, patients that are out of town and may require an air ambulance to get back to Jacksonville. Air medical transport is another area of specialization for us, so you can rely on Amera Solutions if you ever need an air ambulance to get you across the state, across the country, or across an ocean.

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Whenever you need transportation to a hospital, transportation to a medical appointment, wheelchair transportation, or an air ambulance in Jacksonville, Florida, we will be here to help. You can reach Amera Solutions by phone toll-free at 855-263-7215, and you can click this link to send us a message over the Internet.