Medical Transportation in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin TX, Tampa, Jacksonville FL and Surrounding Areas

Transportation-for-Disabled-in-Houston-and-Dallas-TXOur company is fully equipped to provide safe, efficient, and effective transportation for disabled residents of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, Texas. We entered into this business back in 2004 because we genuinely wanted to provide a much-needed service that can be hard to find. Since we have so much experience, we have addressed just about every type of transportation situation for disabled people, and we know exactly how to respond to any call for our services.

We offer a wide variety of transportation options, so you can look upon us as a truly comprehensive resource for disabled transportation for people who live in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, or Austin, Texas. If you need transportation to go to an appointment with a doctor, we can accommodate your needs, and the appropriate vehicle will depend upon the nature of your physical challenge and the level of urgency. We have basic sedans that can be the right choice under some circumstances, and we have wheelchair vans and stretcher-gurney transportation capabilities.

You can also rely on Amera Solutions if you need transportation to a hospital for an outpatient treatment or an in-patient procedure. The same types of vehicles are typically used for hospital transport assignments, and we provide door-to-door service. If it makes sense for you given the time frame, we can be engaged to wait for you right at the hospital so that we can be standing at the ready to take you back home as soon as your visit is over. Plus, we can provide the same type of service if you are going to a physical therapist for rehabilitation treatments.

In addition to the ground transportation that we provide for those who are disabled in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, TX, we can also be called upon if you ever need an air ambulance. We have highly trained, licensed attendants that accompany our air transport clients, and the planes that we utilize are fully equipped from a medical perspective. And if you don’t need a private plane for your trip, we can be engaged to provide an attendant, a CNA, or a registered nurse to accompany you on a commercial flight.

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