Medical Transportation in Houston, Austin, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa

When someone mentions the term medical transportation, often what is conjured in the mind is an ambulance, usually with lights flashing. This image isn’t wrong but only touches on what is covered by that term medical transportation. Whenever you find yourself in need of medical transportation, from Houston, Austin, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, or the surrounding areas, your first and only call should be to Amera. Not only can they provide the ambulance services that you may need, but can also help with transport for those with mobility issues such as walkers or wheelchairs, as well as offering air medical transport should that need arise. Medical transportation is needed in a variety of situations, and Amera is ready to help.

Air Transportation

Medical Transportation in Houston, Austin, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, and TampaMedical air transport can take a couple of forms. One form is a fully outfitted medical airplane that can take a full medical bed inside, as well as the medical personnel that is needed. Another option when you don’t need quite that level of care is to have a medical professional accompany you on a commercial flight to where you are going. The whole point is to have the medical care that you need, exactly when you need it.

Ambulance Transportation

Ambulances are a common sight and are used in many different situations. If you need to be transported between hospitals, or even to be transported back to your home, you may be required to take an ambulance. Since many public ambulances aren’t always available when you need them, private ambulances like those from Amera can fill your needs and get you to where you need to go.

Modified Vehicle Transportation

Another option for medical transportation includes having modified vehicles that can accommodate those patients that are in wheelchairs or are otherwise challenged with full mobility. These vehicles can be scheduled for your medical appointments so that you don’t miss them, and are reliable for when you need them, unlike the ridesharing options which may or may not have a vehicle nearby, nor will they necessarily make it to your appointment on time.

When you are in need of medical transportation, you have a variety of options with Amera. From Houston, Austin, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, and the surrounding areas, you can be sure that when you need medical transportation, Amera will be there. Call them today to learn more about what they offer and to schedule your medical transportation.