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– Most Reliable Transportation Agency – Satisfaction Guarantee – Over 100 Languages Available – Compatible Rates – Same Day Service – Professional Vehicles and Drivers with Attention to Details – Caring Representatives Who Book, Coordinate & Monitor

Amera Rewards Program

Ask about Amera’s Reward Program and enjoy all the VIP perks for being a loyal client. #AmeraRewardPoints For your service and sacrifice, Amera thanks and salutes you! Veterans receive an additional discount at the time of booking a reservation. #AmeraVetDiscount

Air Medical and Air Ambulance in Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Tampa and Nearby Cities

Are you traveling somewhere outside the city with a chronic patient? You might face a medical emergency in your way. Or you might suddenly develop a medical concern whose treatment is found in another city. That is why it is

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Ambulance Service and Air Ambulance in Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa and Surrounding Areas

Do you have an ailing family member at home who has to be taken to the hospital from time to time? Or do you have someone pregnant at home who will soon require medical attention? In such a scenario, it

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Transportation for Disabled in Orlando, Dallas, Tallahassee, and all the Surrounding Areas

If someone has recently met with an accident or has a temporary injury, they will need a wheelchair to move from one place to another. But sometimes, people can witness permanent injuries or chronic illnesses which can pose restrictions on

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Transportation Medical Appointments in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and all the Surrounding Areas

Health is an uncertain thing. You might be healthy one moment but the very next can make you a victim of a deadly disease. If you witness such a medical condition, then you must resort to medical assistance. However, sometimes,

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Ambulance Service in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa and Nearby Cities

Life is certainly the most unpredictable. You never know what will happen to you next moment. While you should be positive and always try to smile no matter what, it is true that during such emergency situations, you are likely

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Air Ambulance and Air Medical in Dallas, Jacksonville, San Antonio, Tampa and Surrounding Areas

Have you ever felt helpless in life because you couldn’t take someone to the hospital on time due to lack of the right transport? Sometimes you are not in the same city and you might need medical attention from your

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Non Emergency Medical Transport in Tampa, Miami, San Antonio, and all the Surrounding Areas

Amera Solutions provides non-emergency medical transport throughout Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, San Antonio and Tampa. For emergency medical transport you have 911, for all other medical transport you have Amera.  Amera Solutions is a full-service medical transportation company. The provide road transfers as well as air transfers.

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Air Medical in Tampa, Dallas, Houston, and all the Surrounding Areas

Amera Solutions serves the areas of Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, San Antonio and Tampa with air medical transportation. They are a medical transportation company and they operate a full-service air medical division. Air Medical transportation offers definite benefits in specific

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Ambulance Service in Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa and Nearby Cities

Do you have someone chronically ill at home who needs to be frequently taken to the hospital? When you are dealing with a serious medical issue, you have to focus on the healing process. Transportation issues can be instrumental in

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Air Ambulance and Air Medical in Jacksonville, Miami, San Antonio, Tampa and Surrounding Areas

Are you suffering from a chronic disease? Or do you know someone who has been diagnosed with severe disorder? Sometimes, despite having medical problems, we have to travel to other countries. This could be due to recreation or simply because

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