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Ask about Amera’s Reward Program and enjoy all the VIP perks for being a loyal client. #AmeraRewardPoints For your service and sacrifice, Amera thanks and salutes you! Veterans receive an additional discount at the time of booking a reservation. #AmeraVetDiscount

Wheelchair Taxi in Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, and St. Petersburg

Normally getting to a medical appointment is not usually a problem. But that all changes when you are in a wheelchair, whether that’s on a temporary basis or permanently. When you are in that predicament, what do you do in

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Air Medical in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Tampa, and Jacksonville

If you need to get a vehicle ride, that’s a fairly easy thing to do. You can either get a ride from a friend, or you can use a ride-sharing company to get a ride to your medical appointment. But

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Transportation for Medical Appointments in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Tallahassee, Orlando, and Miami

Medical transportation is often thought of in terms of ambulance or medical flights. Those are extreme situations, and they are important, but they are a very minor part of the full medical transportation picture. Much of the transportation needs for

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Non-Emergency Medical Transport in Houston, Jacksonville, San Antonio, Orlando, Tampa, and Austin

There are many times when medical transportation is required, however, it is not an emergency situation where an ambulance or other form of transportation is immediately needed. This might include transportation of needed medical materials, such as medical records, or

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Medical Transportation in Houston, Austin, Orlando, Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa

When someone mentions the term medical transportation, often what is conjured in the mind is an ambulance, usually with lights flashing. This image isn’t wrong but only touches on what is covered by that term medical transportation. Whenever you find

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Wheelchair Transportation in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Tampa, and Jacksonville

Most of us have the luxury of being able to buy any sort of vehicle that we like, from very small cars to large SUVs. Those of us who rely on a wheelchair for our mobility has a much more

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Transportation for Disabled in Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Tampa, Orlando, and Austin

For many, transportation for medical appointments at clinics and hospitals is straightforward and regular cars and vans will work just fine. But there are plenty of patients that are disabled, either permanently or temporarily, and they require special vehicles to

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Hospital Patient Transport in Jacksonville, Orlando, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin

At any given time, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of patients in Jacksonville, Orlando, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and the surrounding areas who require some form of hospital patient transport. They need this service because they may have

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Non-Emergency Transportation in Houston, Austin, Dallas, Jacksonville, San Antonio, and Tampa

Non-emergency transportation is a highly needed service. This isn’t an Uber or a taxi, but rather we mean medical transportation that isn’t due to a medical emergency. This happens a lot more than you might realize in Houston, Austin, Dallas,

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Ambulance Service in Houston, Jacksonville, Dallas, Tampa, Austin, and Tallahassee

For many, hearing the words “ambulance service” means lights, sirens, and several EMS folks working quickly to help people. This isn’t a bad image to have, but it is definitely not the only image you should have. The ambulance service

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