Ambulance Service in Houston, Jacksonville, Dallas, Tampa, Austin, and Tallahassee

For many, hearing the words “ambulance service” means lights, sirens, and several EMS folks working quickly to help people. This isn’t a bad image to have, but it is definitely not the only image you should have. The ambulance service that Amera can provide isn’t just for emergency situations, but can be used in a wider range of situations that you may not have thought about. There are often times when having an ambulance transport a patient between medical facilities is needed, but these are not emergencies. There are countless events that happen throughout the year, and they need to have medical emergency staff on hand just in case someone needs them. In these cases, a private ambulance service can fulfill these needs in Houston, Jacksonville, Dallas, Tampa, Austin, Tallahassee, and the surrounding areas. Amera has private ambulances ready to serve your needs.

Medical Transport Services

Ambulance Service in Houston, Jacksonville, Dallas, Tampa, Austin, and TallahasseeThere can be times when you may be in an area and need medical attention, so you go to the local hospital. You are admitted to the hospital, and things are stabilized, but you can’t yet travel by personal vehicle. Or you may desire to move back to your local area for other medical needs but need to have trained personnel on hand. In these cases, and many other cases, having an ambulance service like those offered by Amera can provide the non-emergency medical transport that you need on a schedule that works for you. This is often difficult for a public ambulance service to provide, especially if you are coming from or going to a location outside of their service area.

Standby Ambulance Services

Perhaps you are organizing a large public event, such as a music festival, local fair, parade, or other large public events, and you realize that you need to have medical staff present in case of medical emergencies. What you really need is a standby ambulance service that will have a fully stocked ambulance to help people who might be feeling faint, get cuts or scrapes or even more serious issues such as a stroke or worse. Amera has the trained personnel and equipment to fill your needs no matter the size of the event. With an ambulance on-site, you have the ability to transport people to local hospitals for further assistance if needed.

Talk with Amera today to learn how their ambulance service can work for your needs. Whether your event or need is in Houston, Jacksonville, Dallas, Tampa, Austin, Tallahassee, or the surrounding areas, they are ready to help fill your needs with their trained and ready staff of professionals.