Air Ambulance Transport

When you or a loved one needs air transport, it can be a very helpless feeling. Everyone knows how to contact a taxi cab, but things are entirely different when it comes to air medical. This is a very specialized area, and no one has an air transport service in their smartphone address book.

We recognized this dynamic back in 2004, and we endeavored to create an agency that could satisfy the air transport medical needs of people around the world. That was well over a decade ago, and at Amera, we have established ourselves as one of the premier air ambulance and medical transportation agencies in the Southwest, and we continue to grow. Our expansion efforts are underway because of the feedback we have received from our global clients. Amera is ready to assist our global clients with over 100 languages available to help detail every reservation.

Affordable Medical Air Transport Services

When you think about the prospect of air transport to a medical facility that may be hundreds of miles away, the cost will probably enter your mind. This is understandable, and Amera has always done everything possible to help save lives without causing any undue financial hardships. We have refined our medical air transport capabilities over the years, and our efficient operations help us keep our costs at a minimum.

Highly Trained, Qualified Professional Attendants

We have built our business on the quality of the people that comprise our team, and Amera has a stellar group of professionals that are very passionate about the health care needs of others. The air medical transportation services that we provide are second to none when it comes to getting from point A to point B. At the same time, our attendants are fully qualified to provide any care and attention that may be necessary.

Commercial Travel Flight with Professional Attendant

Another option for clients who do not require or prefer our Air Ambulance service, Amera offers the option of the commercial travel flight with a Medical Attendant. Unlike Air ambulance which is a private service for the patient and medical professionals only, the commercial travel flight with medical attendant service gives you the option of pre-planning a domestic or international commercial travel with your personal Amera medical escort – attendant, CNA or Registered Nurse, to assist you throughout your entire commercial travel.

Amera, Here to Help!

Whenever you need an air ambulance for medical air transport, you can contact the trusted professionals at Amera. Call us today 281-872-6400 or toll free 855-AMERA-15 (855-263-7215)

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