Houston & San Antonio TX Ambulance Service

If you ever need an ambulance service in Houston, Texas, look no further than Amera Solutions. We have been building on our reputation for quality medical transportation since 2004, and we take our commitment to the communities we serve very seriously. Our business was founded because we wanted to be able to help people in times of need, and we go the extra mile to keep our rates affordable.

Our Houston, TX ambulance service provides a wide range of solutions to satisfy the needs of each and every one of our clients. If you need a vehicle that can accommodate a stretcher, we have you covered. We can also assign a medical attendant that has the appropriate training. In addition to this type of medical transportation, we can dispatch wheelchair-accessible vans.

Plus, if you need to travel a long distance to receive medical treatment, we offer air ambulance service from Houston, Texas to anywhere in the country. In fact, we can arrange for medial air transport to destinations all over the world.

The Ambulance Service San Antonio, TX Residents Can Count On

We are always available to residents of Houston, and we provide assistance to people that need an ambulance service in San Antonio, Texas as well. All of the different forms of medical transportation that we described above are available to patients that live in “The Alamo City.”

You can also reach out to us if you need drop off and wait service at a clinic, physical therapy center, or the outpatient section of a hospital. We should point out the fact that we can provide this type of service in a comfortable, late model sedan if you do not have any ambulatory challenges.

We Are Here to Help!

We know that many of the people that need our assistance are going through difficult experiences. All of our team members came on board because they sincerely want to help others. When you partner with Amera Solutions, you will be treated with courtesy, respect, and empathy.

Personalized attention is also very important. Each situation is different, so we work closely with our clients to provide the ideal solution case by case. Whenever you need an ambulance service in San Antonio or Houston, Texas, you can reach a member of our team at 281-872-6400, and our toll free number is 855-263-7215.