Commercial Travel Flight with Professional Medical Attendant

An option for clients who don’t require Air Ambulance Service. Let our Amera rep create a detailed Itinerary for your entire commercial trip. Unlike an air ambulance which is private with your own dedicated medical crew, the Commercial Travel Flight includes your own Registered Nurse, Paramedic or personal highly trained CNA companion.

Services include your Amera rep who will coordinate & monitor your entire trip with first or business class tickets, departure and arrival ground transportation, wheelchair rental, oxygen clearance from the airline and special accommodations per your request.

Call TODAY! to pre-plan your Domestic or International Commercial Travel Flight.

Whenever you need an air ambulance for medical air transport, you can contact the trusted professionals at Amera. Call us today 281-872-6400 or toll free 855-AMERA-15 (855-263-7215)