Transportation for the disabled in Dallas and Houston, TX

Transportation for disabled people- an overview

Most people face difficulty in travelling on their own because they cannot drive owing to certain disability or age. As a result, they find themselves confined within their home and require depending on others even for small needs. Considering this we at Amera Solutions offers transportation for disabled and elderly people to make their life easy as much as possible. Our service areas include the whole of Dallas and Houston.

Why choose Amera Solutions?

  • Excellent customer service record- First and foremost, we possess an excellent customer service record. Every driver that we have employed is properly trained as well as know the right way of communicating with and assisting the elderly and the disabled people. Besides, they are respectful and courteous and treat every customer with care and compassion. Our testimonials and online reviews will help you get an idea regarding the manner in which we operate and the special services that we provide
  • Cater to patients specific needs- Being in this industry for a good number of years we truly understand our customers specific needs and are always willing to offer services as per their needs. We offer both pick-up as well as drop off service door to door and if required we also offer wheelchair assistance. The best part is, our team is willing to put in extra effort in order to offer quality services at the time of emergency
  • Affordable services- as public transport services, most of the time operate from particular destinations and remain overcrowded, hence it is not suitable for the elderly and disabled people. We offer such people with affordable transportation services to make their life comfortable and easy

By hiring our services you can resolve your mobility issues and become more confident. Over the years we have assisted a good number of people to travel comfortably from a specific place to another. For more information get in touch with us at the earliest. We look forward to help you in the best way possible.