Wheelchair transportation and handicap transfer in Dallas & Houston

If you need wheelchair transportation in Dallas or Houston, then Amera Solutions can help. They are a medical transportation and coordination company and affordable medical transfer plans, including wheelchair transportation. Wheelchair and handicapped transfer is a specialised service and nobody does it better than Almera.

Getting to a medical facility can be challenge when you are in a wheelchair. You need a wheelchair friendly vehicle and those you don’t find around every corner. Amera operates a fleet of wheelchair friendly vans.  They have highly experienced and qualified drives as well as passenger liability insurance and the required transportation licenses.

Whether you need to see your doctor, get transport to a medical clinic or go to the hospital, they will take you there and bring you back.  Now you might think disabled transport is very expensive. You will be surprised to find out that wheelchair transportation is not nearly as expensive as you thought.

A professional transportation company such as Almera offers different plans so there will be a plan that works for you. Whether you need once off wheelchair transportation, temporary or on-going wheelchair transportation, they have a plan for you.

When you need wheelchair transportation you want to deal with a company where the people care. People who care about the cost, the service and most of all about you. When you deal with a company that cares, you know you will be charged a fair price and you will be treated with respect. You will get the kind of service and treatment that you need and deserve.

Whether you need wheelchair transportation, handicapped transfer, or some other form of medical transfer, you can rely on Almera Solutions for the appropriate service and care.