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If someone has recently met with an accident or has a temporary injury, they will need a wheelchair to move from one place to another. But sometimes, people can witness permanent injuries or chronic illnesses which can pose restrictions on their movement. In such situations, if people with any form of disability need medical help, they will need a proper transport. Amera Solutions can be of service to you. We provide a wide range of solutions for medical transportation. Right from booking, arranging, to coordinating and monitoring, our team can help you with everything. We understand what kind of a serious issue this can be so we make sure a sturdy transport facility is always at your disposal. We have been in this field since 2004 and have created a solid reputation for ourselves in areas including Dallas, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, St. Petersburg, and Tampa. We cater to all the major cities both nationwide as well as worldwide. So, if you also need a transportation for disabled, you can resort to us without hesitation. 

Transportation for Disabled in Orlando, Dallas, Tallahassee

Here, we have put together a few common signs that you need to keep in mind while choosing a medical transportation facility. Take a look. 

  • Modern Transportation 

You must understand that medical science has improved by the day. And with this, there has not only been an improvement in the medical procedures or treatments but the tools, equipment, and hospital transport have also become more advanced. A good sign of the right medical transport service would be if they offer the latest or modern things to carry out the transportation procedure.  

  • Charges 

You need to make sure that the amount charged for this kind of a transport is also feasible for your pockets. So, if you find a company charging reasonably from you, then you can opt for them.  

So, what are you still thinking? If you would like to hire us for your medical transport, then contact us now.  

Health is an uncertain thing. You might be healthy one moment but the very next can make you a victim of a deadly disease. If you witness such a medical condition, then you must resort to medical assistance. However, sometimes, you have to be immediately hospitalized and it is not possible to do so because you are in a foreign country. In such a situation, you have to use a medical transportation facility to fly back to your own place and seek the treatment that is required. Often, it may also happen that you are in your own city but the treatment for your medical condition can be better availed at another city. Then too, you will need a good medical transportation service. We, at Amera Solutions, can help. We are a fast growing medical logistics coordination agency with well-trained representatives who can carry out the booking, monitoring, and coordination services. Right from transportation medical appointment to the ambulatory outpatient procedures, wheelchair vans, or air ambulance, we can help you with a number of things. So, if you are from areas like Austin, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Orlando, or San Antonio, then you can put your trust in us. 

Transportation Medical Appointments in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio

Here, we have enlisted a few questions that you must ask a company offering you such medical transportation services. Take a look. 

  1. Which places do you operate it in? 

Before considering a particular company for their medical transportation service, you have to know if it can help you travel to the desired destination you have in mind. So, you must ask the companies about the cities they operate both nationwide and worldwide.  

  1. How much do you charge for the services rendered? 

You will surely know that these medical transports don’t come for free. You have to check if you can afford such services before opting for these. So, you must ask the company how much they will charge for these transportation services.  

After asking such questions, if you think we can be a good choice for you, call us at 855-263-7215 now.  

Amera Solutions provides non-emergency medical transport throughout Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, San Antonio and Tampa. For emergency medical transport you have 911, for all other medical transport you have Amera. 

Non Emergency Medical Transport in Tampa, Miami, San Antonio

Amera Solutions is a full-service medical transportation company. The provide road transfers as well as air transfers. They provide affordable medical transportation including disabled and handicapped transportation. A growing and aging population has increased the demand for non-emergency medical transport. Amera realized this years ago and established themselves as a leading medical transportation company. 

It is important for people to be able to get to and from medical appointments and procedures.  Public transport cannot meet the demand and does not always fit the schedule. Relying on relatives and friends is not the answer either. Amera Solutions provides an independent, affordable and reliable medical transportation service. 

Amera’s services includes transfers for outpatient procedures, wheelchair transportation, private ambulanceN service, special event standby ambulance, air ambulance service, medical attendants for commercial flights as well medical package deliveries. 

Amera is a full-service medical transportation and coordination company. They do much more than transfer you from point A to point B. They provide coordination and logistics support which means they coordinate with all the role players to help ensure a smooth and hassle-free transfer and experience. 

They also provide handicapped transfers, driver wait and return, on-line chat, smartphone apps and more. They book, coordinate, monitor, update and inform. They also get you to and from your medical appointments safely and timelessly.  Now that is the kind of service you want. 


If you need non-emergency medical transport that is affordable, reliable and hassle free, then you need look no further than Amera Solutions.  They provide professional medical transport throughout Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, San Antonio and Tampa. 

Amera Solutions serves the areas of Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, San Antonio and Tampa with air medical transportation. They are a medical transportation company and they operate a full-service air medical division.

Air Medical in Tampa, Dallas, Houston

Air Medical transportation offers definite benefits in specific cases. First there is speed and time. Air medical transportation is fast and gets you to a hospital in the quickest possible time. This can often mean the difference between life and death. Air Medical transportation is full service. That means there are medical staff that accompany the patient and tends to his or her medical needs while in flight and transfer. Air medical transportation is safe. Amera aircraft are well maintained, their pilots are highly trained and experienced. In addition Amera’s air ambulances are well stocked and they carry all the important medical supplies and equipment on board. There is no safer way to transfer than by air.

Amera Solutions is a medical transfer and coordination company. That means they don’t just put you on an aircraft and drop you off. They do full coordination of logistics and related matters. This means they coordinate with you, the medical facility, ground staff and more. That means the transfer process will run smooth and without a hitch.

Now you might think air transfer is way expensive and only for the rich and elite. Yes medical air transfer will be more expensive than road transfer, but not as expensive as you might think. Amera also provides medical attendants to accompany a patient on a commercial flight. So if private air transfer is simply out your reach, commercial flight with a medical attendant could well be an option.

If you need air medical transportation in Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, San Antonio and Tampa, then Amera Solutions can help.

There is no dearth of quality care and medical facilities in our community. But what we need is affordable medical transportation due to which many are missing out on services crucial for their health. Most of the people who have been affected by such transport limitations are senior citizens and the disabled. We, at Amera Solutions, therefore bring you a reliable mode of medical transportation to injured individuals, seniors, and disabled people in and around areas like Austin, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, San Antonio, and Tampa. If this is the first time that you have come across such a medical transport provider, then you might have a few queries in your mind like how long have one been providing such a facility, to whom do such facilities cater to, how to book the transportation medical appointments, etc, which need to be clarified before you hire them.

So, here we have a few vital questions that you need to ask a company like ours. Take a look.

What kind of transportation solutions can you provide?

Before you embark on hiring a company, it is essential that you gather a substantial knowledge about the sort of comprehensive solutions they provide with respect to medical transport. Along with vital services like a private ambulance, wheelchair facility, or an air ambulance, the company should also maintain a high level of coordination and convenience with regard to customer service. You can also ask if the company in question also provides you with a medical attendant or knowledgeable drivers just like we do, at Amera Solutions.

What kind of charges do you take?

If the medical transport facilities are too expensive, it becomes a little difficult because you have to already bear the brunt of the medical treatment procedures and medicines. So, it is better to have a clear idea about the money it will cost you for undertaking such convenient facilities.

How do you schedule the medical transportation appointment?

The scheduling procedures vary from company to company. But generally, you will just have to provide the date, time, and location along with any special requirements needed to be accommodated in the infirmary, and the company providing the transport facilities will definitely be there to meet your needs.

So, without much thinking, start making a list of companies who can offer you such medical transport services. And ask them these above-mentioned questions to make a well-informed choice in the end.

Amera Solutions is a fast developing medical coordination company that offers comprehensive medical transportation services in and around Austin, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, San Antonio, or Tampa. We offer reliable transportation care connections and sensible solutions to injured victims, disabled people, and seniors along with patients who require a reliable mode of transport for scheduled out-patient procedures. We can also provide you with a medical escort or attendant upon request. Therefore, we can offer you a complete range of transportation options with greater levels of customer service, convenience, and better management. Right from air medical transport, private ambulance to even wheelchair transportation, we can provide you with everything.

So, here we have put together a list of 2 of the most useful medical transportation services that you can avail from us. Take a look.

Private Ambulance Service

We offer a wide range of well-equipped vehicles for assisting our global clients, accommodating all kinds of medical transport situations along with committed, vetted, and licensed professional drivers and medics who can give you the requisite attention during your process of transportation. For our private ambulance clients, we provide services including:

Surgery Transport

Doctors Visit

Hospital Outpatient Visits

Dialysis Treatments


Drop-Off & Wait Service

Medical Coordination, etc

Air Ambulance & Commercial Travel Flight

This is a private service for the patient and medical professionals, providing you a medical facility that could be a million miles away. We will also provide you with completely qualified attendants so that you get the necessary care and attention during the journey. Along with this, we also provide a commercial travel flight so that you can pre-plan a domestic or international commercial travel with a personal medical escort, CNA, or registered nurse for further assistance throughout your commercial travel.

Apart from this, we also provide you with hospital patient and wheelchair transport. So, if you require any of our services, you can call us at 855-AMERA-15 or 281-872-6400 now.

Wheelchair transport can be challenging especially if you need to rely on public transportation. Fortunately, there are companies that specialise in medical transportation including wheelchair transport. Amera can help you with wheelchair transport in Austin, Dallas, Houston or San Antonio. They are a professional medical transportation company and they have vehicles especially designed for wheelchair transport.

Whether you need to go to hospital, consult with a doctor, attend therapy classes or have some other medical appointment, you can rely on Amera to get you there and back safely and on time. Their drivers are qualified and properly licensed. Their vehicles are fully equipped and well maintained. They also have ambulances especially designed to provide safe and hassle-free wheelchair transportation.

Wheelchair transportation is not as expensive as you might think. The efficient team at Amera also work hard to keep costs down and they can also assist you with insurance claims where applicable. The also provide flexible plans so whether you need temporary wheelchair transport or long-term wheelchair transport, they have a solution for you.

Whether you or a loved one has a disability that requires special care and transport, Amera can help. They have the expertise, resources and vehicles to provide a premier medical transportation service to people with disabilities and handicaps.

You don’t need to worry about getting to and from medical appointments and procedure because you have a handicap or are wheelchair bound. The team at Amera has you covered and they have a medical transportation plan that is right for you and your budget.

Amera offers reliable and cost-effective wheelchair transport and general medical transportation throughout Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. When it comes to medical transportation and wheelchair transport in the Southwest, you need look no further than Amera Medical Transport.

If you or a loved one needs an air ambulance to or from Austin, Dallas, Houston or San Antonio, then Amera Solutions can help. They specialise in medical transportation and operate a cost-effective, safe and reliable air ambulance service. They are considered one of the premier air ambulance transportation services in the Southwest.

Now you might think air transportation will be too expensive. This is not true. You will be surprised at how affordable medical air transportation is. When you consider the benefits of speed, safety, convenience and service, them medical air transportation can often make sense.

When you travel on an air ambulance you will be looked after by professional medical staff. The team at Amera are passionate about their work and they will go out of their way to ensure you are comfortable and well cared for.

Modern air ambulances are fully equipped and stocked. They have all the important medical equipment on board to help doctors and nurses address your medical needs. That means the medical attendant on board can provide instant and intermediate care.

Amera air ambulances are well maintained and flown by highly experienced pilots. An air ambulance is far safer than traditional road transportation. It is also much faster, more comfortable and convenient. An air ambulance service can also mean the difference between life and death and that is not something one can put a price tag on.

Should you not be able to afford a private air ambulance but still need medical air transportation, the commercial route is possible. Amera can provide you with a medical attendant who can fly with you and accompany you on a commercial flight.

If you need reliable and safe medical transportation in the Southwest, you need look no further than Amera.

The concept of air medical transportation has gained immense recognition worldwide. It is extremely useful when your loved ones face sudden, critical health issues that demands instant ambulance service. If you are in need of these services, contact us at Amera Solutions. Our services are reliable, quick and safe for patients that require to reach a specific destination as early as possible. People residing in and around Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio can make the most of our services.

Top 3 Benefits

The top 3 benefits of choosing our medical transportation services are as follows:

  • For a patient suffering from a severe medical condition and in need for an urgent transfer, our ambulances will serve as the most convenient transportation medium. To travel a long distance through road is likely to worsen the condition of the patient. But with us, the journey will be extremely comfortable, no matter whether you have to reach the airport on time or even during the transit. This is the best alternative during a severe situation.
  • These days, almost every city has a massive traffic congestion, which can result in delay to transport the patient to any specific hospital. But, our air ambulance will help you avoid such delays and thereby, save the life of the patient. Particularly during medical emergencies, our services will make it a hassle-free process to transfer patients that in turn will provide them quicker access to the best health care facilities.
  • Our air ambulances are equipped with almost every medical provision that is required for a patient’s interim and instant medical care. This benefit will provide relatives with much relief. Along with medical necessities, our ambulances also comprise of a team of professional and trained personnel who will take care of the patient’s needs. In fact, this medical staff will comprise of skillful practitioners having expertise in different medical fields and will supervise the patient in the best way possible.

For booking, contact us at our toll-free number 855-263-7215.

Amera Solutions provides professional and comprehensive medical transportation services in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. They operate a fleet of private ambulances and can help with medical transfer, wheelchair transportation, handicapped transfer as well air medical transportation. Their service includes professional coordination of transfer which helps ensure a smooth and efficient trip. Their medical transportation can be used by anyone including seniors, injured people, disabled people and people who need wheelchair transportation. Medical transportation can be used for hospital transfers, visits to a clinic or private doctor as well as outpatient procedures. You can also request the services of a medical escort or attendant.

A private ambulance service is perfect for non-emergency medical transportation. Private medical transportation is reliable, timely and affordable. Private ambulances are well-equipped and their drivers are highly trained and properly screened. You can be confident of safe and efficient transfer when you use Amera’s private medical transportation.

Efficient patient transfer requires advanced equipment, well maintained vehicles as well as skilled and dedicated staff. When you need efficient and effective medical transportation, then Amera is good choice. They have the vehicles, equipment, staff and experience to ensure a safe and comfortable medical transfer.

Amera operates and coordinates a fleet of fully-equipped vehicles to assist patients throughout Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. Their drivers are also trained medics and committed to providing the best possible service. The team at Amera can arrange and coordinate any private medical transfer, including handicapped transfer. They accept all major credit cards and applicable medical insurance.

In addition to a road ambulance service, Amera also operated an air ambulance service. So, whether you need urgent medical transportation in Austin, private medical transfer in Dallas, wheelchair transfer in Houston or non-emergency medical transportation in San Antonio, Amera can help.

Medical Transportation and Air Ambulance Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio TX. Offering Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Dialysis & Wheelchair Transportation, Air Medical.