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Do you have to visit a hospital? Are you stressed about how to reach the hospital? For the ill, aged, non-drivers, or disabled people out there Amera Solutions has come up with medical coordination and the latest medical transportation. It is our confidence, reliable and consistent outcomes that make us the go-to company for non emergency transportation.  Founded in 2004, our main aim was to meet the ever-increasing need for affordable patient transport which up until then had been neglected. Working with top insurance providers, like Medicare and Medicaid, we are able to provide ambulance and stretcher services for everyone especially the senior citizens and the disabled. Amera has changed the outpatient experience by offering all-inclusive, convenient and specialized transport for patients that don’t need to stay overnight or for those who are not fit to take an Uber after a medical procedure. We can boast of inclusions like same day service transportation, direct communication with the nurse’s station, drivers with CPR, First-Aid, and Background Check in our transportation services. Also, we have real medical coordinators and are not dependent on an Application. For the people of Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Jacksonville, Tampa, and Austin we even send a professional medical attendant with the patient after a difficult procedure. 

Non Emergency Transportation in Houston, Dallas, Jacksonville

 Below we have mentioned 2 reasons why we should be the premier choice for you. Take a look. 

  • Our Specialized Services 

With Amera you will get a faster recovery without any hassles and headaches. From high-end diagnostic centers to superior services for scheduled surgeries, our medical specialists can accommodate all your needs. We even offer no-cost medical coordination services for your scheduled appointments.  

  • Our Mission and Vision 

We at Amera value diversity, inclusion, and leadership. We have a very clear approach; we offer one transport at a time. This is basically to offer innovative health solutions to our local, national, and international clients. We also aim to provide our global clients different types of private medical transportation services all the while paying attention to their personal needs. 

So, if you want any transportation service, you can contact us on 855-263-7215. 

Calling a cab for a person in need is simple, but things are completely different when it comes to air medical. It’s not an everyday service that is provided nor do people have the numbers of an air ambulance on their speed dial. Realizing this problem we came together back in 2004 and started Amera Solutions as an airborne medical transportation agency. We are here to provide dependable and affordable patient transportation. People often wonder about the financial hardships when they think of air transport, but with years of experience, we have managed to keep our costs low due to our efficient operations. At Amera, the air medical transportation provided by us is second to none because of our dedicated group of professionals who are very passionate about the health care needs of other people. Our team is fully qualified to tend to the simple or complex needs of any patients. Our mission reflects our main goal that is to grow and have service centers all over Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Dallas, Houston, and Tampa. 

Air Ambulance in Houston, Miami, Tampa

Below we have listed 3 essential elements to remember while choosing an air ambulance service. Take a look. 

  1. The credibility of the service 

First of all, you have to check whether the company owns proper certifications to perform such operations. Always do a background check and go through their past operations to check their success rate. 

  1. State-of-art equipment 

Aircrafts used for transporting patients should have high quality medical and transport equipment. It should be fully equipped with ECG, X-Ray facilities, defibrillator, and oxygen cylinders. Since emergencies can take place anytime it is important to check whether the aircraft has these relevant tools. 

  1. Trained personnel 

The flight crew should be adept at handling such airborne medical equipment. Also, the air service should be connected to ground support. These staff should be highly experienced and responsive as they are the ones who transport the patient to a hospital once the aircraft touches down. 

So, if you ever need any air medical service, you can get in touch with us on 855-263-7215. 

Medical emergencies are the worst. You never know what you might have to face the next moment with respect to your health. And the worst part is when you are in some other city and you might have to seek the right treatment in some other city. It is a little difficult to arrange for the treatment in your city. So, you should go for air medical transport and get the right care you need. We, at Amera Solutions, can be the right choice for you. We are a reliable and professional medical logistics coordination Agency, which provides medical transportation nationwide. We have smart and efficient representatives who can help you with your air medical transportation needs. Our air ambulance is of a high-quality and has all the medical facilities you need for your well-being. With our amazing facilities and affordable charges, we have become a reputed company for air medical issues. So, if you are located in areas such as Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Orlando, San Antonio, or Tampa, then you can rely on us. 

Air Medical in San Antonio, Tampa, Dallas

Here, we have put together a few essential things to lookout for while choosing your air medical transport company. Take a look. 

  • Fast & Modern Air Ambulance 

The first and foremost thing that you need to consider while choosing your air medical transport company is a fast and modern air ambulance. So, make sure it is an efficient and well-running vehicle and check how modern its facilities are. 

  • Affordability 

You should focus on the budget when hiring such an air medical service. So, you have to check the affordability of the company too. Take quotes in advance and compare them to make sure if you are choosing wisely.  

So, if you think we can be the solution you are seeking for a medical emergency, then contact us today. 

Have you ever faced a health emergency in your life? You will realize that this is one of the most disturbing issues of life. Sometimes you might take a lot of precautions and still not be able to get the care that you need at times of need. Sometimes you might be out of station and will require flying to another city to get the right treatment. What you need in such a situation is an air ambulance. We, at Amera, can be the right choice for you. We are an experienced and reliable company known for our highly professional and efficient medical transportation service nationwide. We can offer coordination, booking, and monitoring services. We are also equipped to provide you with wheelchair vans, ground ambulance, or a sedan along with knowledgeable medical care attendants. We have been established since 2004 and have earned the solid reputation for being the fastest medical coordination agency. So, if you are located in areas like Austin, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, or Miami, Tampa, you can resort to us. 

Air Ambulance in Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami

Here, we have put together a few major things to check about your air ambulance before making a booking. Take a look. 

  1. Functioning of the Vehicle 

First of all, you must make sure that the air ambulance is functioning right and moves efficiently in less time so that you can get the right treatment on time. So, check the functioning of the vehicle and ensure a safe journey. 

  1. Medical Equipment 

An ambulance is equipped with a lot of medical equipment to support the patient. An air ambulance also needs to have such medical care equipment because anything can happen on the way. So, you must check the medical facilities available in the air ambulance.  

So, if you want to choose us for an air ambulance, then you can contact us immediately. 

Do you live with someone with a chronic health disorder? Or do you live with really old senior citizens? Well, sometimes, you might need to face some extreme situations with patients like that. Right from taking them to the hospital for a checkup from time to time to even flying them out using an air ambulance to another city in search of better medical facilities, you might have to face several things. You can always resort to Amera Solutions, if required. We are an established and renowned company with more than 25 years of experience in this field. We can provide you with the right hospital patient transportation in a classy and sophisticated manner with all the useful amenities you need. We are known for our fast and well-maintained transports, low charges, and customer-oriented approach. So, if you belong to areas like Austin, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, San Antonio, or Tampa, you can resort to us. 

Hospital Patient Transport in San Antonio, Houston, Jacksonville

Here, we have put together a few smart ways to find a good company for such transport facilities to the hospital. Take a look. 

  1. Ask Around 

You should always take recommendations when it comes to serious things like this. Always ask around in your circle of family and friends if they can come up with a few referral companies who can fulfill such needs. Never make a random choice with things like this. Try to go for an established and reliable company which has benefited a lot of other people. 

  1. Research Online 

Another sure shot way you can find the right company for your medical transportation is researching on the internet. You should make sure that the company you are hiring has been established long ago, enjoys a good reputation and review from the users, and offers low rates.  

And if you feel that we can provide you with the hospital patient transportation that you need, then contact us today.  

Facing a health emergency is a very difficult thing. And to face it in another city is even more challenging. You have to be shifted to the place where you were having the treatment originally. Or sometimes, you might even need to be transported to another place which offers a better medical facility to deal with your health scenario. What you might need is an air ambulance. It is fast, convenient, and very useful when it comes to health issues. We, at Amera Solutions, are the right medical coordination agency you are looking for. We are an established company which has been in this field since 2004. With our efficient transport facilities, we can help you get the treatment you seek at the earliest. We have catered to several local, national, or international clients so we will be able to meet your needs without hesitation. So, if you belong to areas such as Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, or Tampa, then you can rely on us. 

Air Ambulance in Houston, Jacksonville, Miami

Here, we have put together a few essential questions that you might have for your air ambulance company. Take a look. 

  • Are your ambulances equipped with the latest healthcare facilities? 

Medical technology has also improved a great deal. You surely would want to benefit from it at such critical times. So, you need to ask that the air ambulance you are hiring is equipped with the latest technology or not. 

  • How much will the air ambulance cost? 

Medical treatments are itself very expensive. You have to really plan your finances when opting for a good air ambulance. So, you should ask the company for advance quotes on the price so that you can set the budget accordingly or compare it with other companies and then choose the one with the lowest rates. 

After asking such questions, if you are still interested in hiring us, then contact us today.  

Health emergencies can be of different kinds. You might think that one needs transport to the hospital only in the case of emergencies. But in non-emergency situations too, you will need to have a transportation in order to reach the hospital. That is why you should find a reliable company which can help you find the right vehicles or other tools which will make your journey to the hospital easier and convenient. We, at Amera, can be the fastest growing medical logistics coordination agency that you need. We are an experienced and reputed company which offers you high-quality transport services of all kinds. Whether you need emergency commute like an air ambulance or a non-emergency transportation like a ground ambulance, wheelchair van, or a sedan, you will be able to find everything with us. We have been in this business since 2004 and can offer you highly reliable and responsible services. All our vehicles are regularly maintained and are in a good condition. So, if you belong to areas like Austin, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, San Antonio, or Tampa, we can help you reach the hospital safely. 

Non Emergency Transportation in Houston, Dallas, Tampa

Here, we have enlisted a few major questions to ask a company offering non-emergency transportation. Take a look. 

  • What are the different kinds of commutations that you can offer? 

You might have a personal preference when you are taking a close one to the hospital for admission before a surgery or simply a routine checkup after a heavy medical procedure. In order to understand if it will be possible to acquire for you to exercise your choice of commute, you need to ask the type of vehicles you can get. 

  • Can we make a same day service request? 

You might not have the time to book the transport. In order to avoid last minute hassle, you should check if the company can accommodate a same day request or not. So, ask the company if you can expect this advantage or not. 

So, after asking all your questions, if you think we can be the right choice for you, quickly contact us today.  

Medical emergencies are quite common. You cannot expect when you will come across a medical issue, especially if you are dealing with old people or people with cardiologic concerns. That is why it is essential to always be prepared. Sometimes, you might have an emergency where you have to shift the patient from one place to another. And if the patient is critical, you cannot risk carrying the patient in a public flight. That is why you might need an air ambulance. It is equipped with medical facilities and with responsible and trained attendants so your patient will be in safe hands in an air ambulance. We, at Amera Solutions, can help. We are an established Medical Logistics Coordination Agency, which offers all kinds of major medical transportation nationwide. We have over 15 years of experience in this field and are known for air ambulances which are in good condition, spacious, and has advanced facilities and equipment for the safety and comfort of the patients. So, if you belong to areas like Austin, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, or Tampa, then you can resort to us. 

Air Ambulance in Tampa, Miami, Houston

Here, we have enlisted a few things to check while booking an air ambulance. Take a look. 

  • Quality 

You have to make sure the condition of the air ambulance is good. After all, this is a matter of your close one’s comfort and health, you cannot make them suffer in a poor mode of commute to the hospital. So, always check the condition and quality of the ambulance. Check if it is regularly maintained and can run smoothly.  

  • Charges 

Next, you have to check the kind of charges the ambulance company would charge from you for their services. Make a budget and take estimates in advance to check if it is suitable for your budget. 

So, after checking these essentials, if you are interested in choosing us, then get in touch with us today.  

If you or a family member is suffering from a chronic illness, then you have to make sure that whenever you are going out of station, you should have the arrangement for medical attention first. You need to make sure that your loved ones can get the care they require if something goes wrong while they are in another city. So, you need to hire a professional medical transportation service which will provide you with all kinds of transport services that will help a patient, including the air medical transport. We, at Amera, are a medical logistics coordination agency, which can be the right choice for you. We are an experienced and reputed company which provides various kinds of medical coordination, logistics, and transport services. We ensure that all the medical transportation needs of all our clients are met with utmost comfort. We extend our support to the local, national, as well as international clients. So, if you belong to areas like Austin, Dallas, Miami, Orlando, San Antonio, or Tampa, you can rely on us. 

Air Medical Transport in San Antonio, Tampa, Dallas

Here, we have enlisted a few major things to check about your medical transport before taking a decision. Take a look.  

  1. Condition of the Transport 

First of all, you have to make sure that the condition of the transport that the company is offering is a good one. They should have proper transport facilities which are regularly maintained so that safety is not a question of concern. So, check the condition of these transports first.  

  1. Advanced Features & Latest Parts 

If you are slightly aware of the medical transport, you should know that these should have the capacity to equip several modern features and latest parts which make your experience better and offer all the patients a more comfortable and reliable experience. So, you must take note of these elements too. 

After checking everything thoroughly, if you are interested in hiring us, get in touch with us now.  

Have you ever faced a medical emergency in your life? A medical issue can be easily handled nowadays given the advanced level of medical science these days. But in order to avail the myriad benefits of such highly advanced medical treatments, you need to be able to access these. If you are out of your city where you usually undertake your treatment, you need to flown down to your city as soon as possible so that you can get the medical attention you need. You need to look for a company which will arrange for your air ambulance. We, at Amera can be the right choice for you. We are a medical logistics coordination agency which provides all kinds of medical transportation services, right from ambulatory outpatient procedures to ground ambulance, air ambulance, wheelchair van, and sedan, etc. We are an established and reputed company which was established in 2004. So, if you are from areas such as Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, San Antonio, or Tampa, then you should resort to us. 

Air Ambulance in Miami, Houston, Tampa

Here, we have put together a few queries that you might have about getting an air ambulance for your medical needs. Take a look. 

  • Will I get the necessary medical equipment in the air ambulance? 

You might need immediate care when you are sick. So, even while on the way, you might need to be treated. Therefore, it will be better if you opt for an air ambulance because if you choose such an air ambulance service, then you will have medical personnel and other equipment to look after you. 

  • Are air ambulance services quite expensive? 

You might have a limited budget when it comes to air ambulance services. But air ambulance services vary from one company to another. So, you have to ask the companies and take quotes from them. You will be able to compare the rates and see if it is feasible for your pockets. 

So, if you all your queries have been resolved and you are interested in choosing us, then quickly get in touch with us today.