Wheelchair Transportation in Houston, Tampa, Jacksonville, and all the Surrounding Areas

Have you just met with a small accident? Are you back from the hospital but still recovering? Or you are suffering from an inborn health disability? Whatever be the reason, if you need wheelchair transportation, Amera Solutions is here to provide you with that service. Since we have been providing full medical booking, monitoring services, and coordination services, we have become the fastest-growing medical logistics coordination agency over the years. Be it a onetime emergency need for regular outpatient procedures or any complex medical transportation, we cater to all sorts of medical needs. For our customers’ comfort we have a range of transportation services; in sedans, ground ambulances, and even air ambulances along with a professional medical care attendant. 

Wheelchair Transportation in Houston, Tampa, Jacksonville

Below we have mentioned the 2 safety tips for transporting a person in a wheelchair. Take a look. 

  • Securing the person in the wheelchair 

A seatbelt is a very vital part while choosing a wheelchair. This seatbelt should go around the shoulder and the lower pelvis instead of around the abdominal areas of the patient to keep him secured in his chair. This prevents the person from sliding off the chair. Also, if he is not seated properly in the wheelchair, even a minor jerk can cause injuries around the neck and head. Hence the belts should be sturdy to hold the person in his place.  

  • Finding the right wheelchair 

This is the very basic consideration while selecting a wheelchair for a patient. It should provide adequate support and should work effortlessly so that the patient can move about in it smoothly. If the wheelchair is intended for prolonged use, then certain features like the arms, seat, backrest, and the footrest should all be carefully examined before finalizing a wheelchair. The sitting area of the chair should also be checked to make sure it can take the weight of the person. 

So, if you are looking for wheelchair transportation in the regions of Houston, Tampa, Dallas, Jacksonville, San Antonio, you can give us a call on 855-263-7215.