Medical Transportation in Houston, Austin, Miami, Orlando, St. Petersburg, and Nearby Cities

Often there are medical emergencies in the middle of the road or in your own apartment. In these times you need the help of the right kind of medical transportation, which will take you to the hospital as soon as possible. Amera Solutions, the fastest growing Medical Logistics Coordination Agency since 2004 is here to deliver full medical booking, coordination, and monitoring services. Whatever might be your need, a simple transportation journey, or a complex medical procedure, our trained professionals are adept at handling any situation. A wheelchair van, a ground ambulance, an air ambulance, or even a sedan, you name it Amera can arrange it for you. Our innovative health solutions to both our local and international clients are what lead to our excellent standing in the market.

Medical Transportation in Houston, Austin, Miami, Orlando, St. PetersburgBelow we have mentioned 3 different modes of medical transportation available with us. Take a look.

  1. Ambulance Transportation

This is considered emergency transportation. Also, rates are a bit on the higher side so that people avail it only in real emergency situations like injuring your leg very badly after getting involves in a car accident and need transport to reach the hospital.

  1. Stretcher Transportation

This service is availed by patients who are bed-ridden and cannot get up in a sitting position for various reasons. Since this option involves a door to door transportation, it requires a specialized vehicle for the transfer to be done seamlessly.

  1. Wheelchair Transportation

For those who cannot walk at all or need a little assistance, this is the perfect option. Here also there are special vehicles that can accommodate a wheelchair. The patient can either shifter from the wheelchair to the vehicle seat or can choose to remain in their own chair; there just needs to be restraints to secure the chair in the vehicle.

So, if you are from the regions of Houston, Austin, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, and you want medical transportation, you can call us.