Dialysis Transportation in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Tampa, and Jacksonville

There are hundreds of thousands of people all across the country that require regular dialysis appointments in order to have a decent quality of life. Part of the problem for these people that require dialysis appointments is that this is an outpatient treatment, and that means that the patients are required to handle their own transportation to and from the dialysis appointments. This isn’t always easy, and in some cases, specialized dialysis transportation is required from time to time. This is where Amera comes in, as they have the specialized dialysis transportation vehicles that you need, and in places where they are needed, including Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Tampa, Jacksonville, and the surrounding areas.

What About Cabs or Uber/Lyft?

Dialysis Transportation in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Tampa, and JacksonvilleA lot of people think that they can just easily call a cab to come and take them to an appointment. Or they can use an app on their phone to request an Uber or Lyft driver. And while these might be available at some times, other times those services are not available or are already booked. Amera can help provide some schedule to your dialysis, as they can be contracted to bring you to and from the dialysis facility on the frequency that you need. Now, instead of waiting for a taxi or hoping a Lyft or Uber driver is available, you can leave your home and get into a waiting dialysis transportation vehicle from Amera that will take you to your appointment on time.

Amera Is Your Dialysis Transportation Partner

Studies have now shown that those who rely on public transportation of any kind, whether that be by bus, cab, or other modes of public transport, have an increased risk of missing their dialysis appointments. Even people who have a lengthier travel time for their appointments end up having a higher risk of missing their appointments. But when you use Amera’s dialysis transportation to get to your appointments, you can rest assured that you will get to your appointment on time, and not have to worry that your health will suffer because of a missed dialysis appointment. No matter if you live in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Tampa, Jacksonville, or the surrounding areas, you can get the dialysis transportation you need just by calling Amera.