Dallas, Houston TX Ambulance Service

Reliable and affordable non-emergency ambulance service

If you need private ambulance service in the Dallas or Houston area, Amera Solutions can help. They are a premier medical transportation company and they can get you to and from hospitals and medical facilities.  They provide non-emergency medical transportation throughout Dallas and Houston at surprisingly affordable rates.

Getting to and from medical appointments can often be challenging, stressful and difficult, especially for the elderly and the infirm. A private ambulance or medical transportation service can solve these problems. That is exactly the service that Amera Solutions provides.

They operate and extensive fleet of well-equipped ambulance and medical transportation vehicles. Their drivers and medical staff are all licensed, well trained and committed professionals. They also accept insurance or easy credit card payments.

There are many reasons why people need an ambulance service or medical transportation. These include surgery transport, outpatient visits, physical therapy appointments, chemotherapy dialysis treatment, doctor’s consultation and more. A professional medical transportation company will be able to help you with an ambulance, whatever your reason may be.

Amera Solutions provides medical transportation and coordination service that are reliable, efficient, prompt and affordable. Whether you are handicapped and need ambulance service in Dallas or elderly and need medical transportation in Houston, Amera can help. it does not matter whether you need a once of transfer or regular transfer, they have the right plan for you.

They offer a wide range of medical transportation services throughout Dallas and Houston. These include private ambulance service, group transfers, air ambulance service, long distance transfers, regular transfers, wheelchair transfers, door to door transfers, handicapped transfers and more. You don’t need to miss important medical appointments due to a transport problem. The Amera ambulance and medical transportation service is reliable, affordable and flexible. Their service is also friendly, understanding and professional.

Dallas, Houston TX Ambulance Service provided by Amera Solutions is reliable, fast, and friendly. Call us today for more details.