Wheelchair Transport in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Surrounding Areas

Wheelchair transport that is cost-effective and reliable

If you need wheelchair transport in Austin, Dallas, Houston or San Antonio, then Amera Solutions can help. They operate an extensive and comprehensive medical transportation service including private ambulance service, wheelchair transport, disabled transport and even an air ambulance service. A private wheelchair transport services is suitable for people with disabilities who require-non-emergency medical transfer.

Wheelchair transportation presents its own challenges. Amera has specially converted vehicles that can transfer disabled patients to hospitals or medical appointments. Their staff are fully licensed, well-trained, vetted and caring.

You also want to deal with a medical transportation company that is insured and bonded.  That way you know the provider has been checked and vetted by the insurance company and bonding company.

Cost is another important factor when it comes to wheelchair transportation. Amera provides a cost effective and reliable disabled and wheelchair transport service throughout Austin, Dallas, Houston or San Antonio. You want to deal with a transportation company that offers flexible plans at affordable rates. At Amera they also accept all major credit cards and insurance plans other than Medicare and Medicaid.

It does not matter whether you have a doctor’s appointment in Austin, need physical therapy in Dallas, need to get to clinic in Houston or require radiation treatment in San Antonio, Amera will get you to your appointment and back.

You can be confident that when you travel with Amera their competent and caring staff will do all they can to ensure your comfort and well-being.  If you want hassle free medical transportation, wheel chair transportation or disabled transportation, then Amera can help. They offer the following benefits:

  • Single point of contact
  • They keep on top of things
  • Interpretation and translation
  • Local and long distance medical transportation
  • Reliant and comfortable wheel chair transport
  • Cost effective and flexible plans

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