Amera Solutions: We’re Here for You

Amera SolutionsAmera Solutions provides top quality non-emergency medical transportation in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas. Whether you need special transportation services to accommodate wheelchairs or other mobility equipment or you are injured and need transportation to your medical appointments, we are there for you. We even take the time to accommodate special requests, and can provide a medical escort if needed. This commitment to making sure every client has reliable and comfortable transport is what sets us apart from our competition.

In this blog we will discuss any topics that we find relevant to our industry, including the benefits of private ambulance service in Houston, TX and the different situations in which those services can be used. If you are a person who requires medical transportation or are simply interested in the various aspects of this industry, you should subscribe.

Everyone should have access to the medical care they need. Oftentimes, those who are disabled or injured have difficulty getting rides to their appointments and procedures because they cannot drive, and public transportation or family vehicles do not accommodate mobility equipment. That’s where Amera Solutions comes in. We’ll not only make sure you get where you need to go on time, but we will also strive to make sure that you are comfortable and safe every time you ride with us. Visit to learn more about our services, today.