Ambulance Service and Private Ambulance Service in Jacksonville, Tampa and Nearby Cities

Amera Solutions is a leading medical transportation company and they can help you with ambulance service in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville or Tampa. Their depth off services extend beyond ambulance transportation. They also offer no cost medical coordination for scheduled appointments. The also offer interpretation and translation and can recommend high end diagnostic service and medical providers.

Whether you need short distance or long distance medical transportation, Amera can help. They operate a fleet of land ambulance vehicles and can also help with an air ambulance when needed. In addition, Amera provides a full coordinated outpatient transportation system for day surgery patients. They schedule your transportation, provide your transportation and coordinate with medical facilities.

Amera operates a large fleet of vehicles including sedans, wheelchair vans and ambulance vans. This enables them to offer in-demand medical transportation including outpatient transfers, wheelchair transfers and private ambulance transfer as well as event standby ambulance service.  They also operate a premier and high–quality air ambulance service.

Whether you need outpatient transfers in Austin, private ambulance transfer in Dallas, wheelchair transfer in Houston, air ambulance transfer in Jacksonville or event standby ambulance in Tampa. Amera can help.

Amera provides timely and efficient ambulance service at affordable cost. They can also provide booking, coordination and monitoring services.  They provide full service ambulance transfers that takes the hassle and headaches out of medical transportation.

Their experienced drivers, qualified medical attendants and efficient back office staff all work as a team to ensure your medical transportation is smooth and efficient. They can help you with affordable medical transportation throughout the South West and beyond. If you need ambulance service in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville or Tampa, you need look no further than Amera Solutions.