Ambulance Service and Private Ambulance Service in Houston, Jacksonville and Nearby Cities

Amera Solutions is a premier provider of medical transportation and can help you with private ambulance service in Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, Miami, San Antonio or Tampa. They provide an affordable ambulance service that is reliable and safe. Their medical transportation services include outpatient transfers, disabled and wheelchair transportation, private ambulance service, air ambulance service, commercial flight with attendant, standby ambulance service as well as a medical delivery service.

There is a big demand for medical transportation’s and related ambulance service. If you need transfer to a medical facility for a day procedure, Amera can help. They offer a superior transport service, so you don’t need to rely on others to get home after a surgical or similar procedure. Wen you need medical transportation you need more than just a driver and a vehicle. When you use an ambulance service from Amera you get

  • Same day service transportation that is safe and reliable
  • Drivers who are trained in CPR and First Aid
  • Divers who have been screened and background checked
  • Drivers who are authorised to sign in-out patients
  • More than an App- you get real medical coordinators
  • Attention to detail with every reservation
  • Direct communication with surgical nurse(s) station
  • Coordination in terms of booking, confirmations, scheduling and monitoring

Amera addresses all medical transportation needs, including wheelchair transport. They operate specially modified vehicles that can accommodate patient and wheelchair.

For emergency and life-threatening situations you have 911. For all other non-emergency ambulance services, you have Amera. They operate an extensive fleet of fully equipped vehicles. They not only provide a transport service, they provide a complete service that includes coordination, scheduling and monitoring. You can also be accompanied by trained medics where required.

Whether you need a private ambulance service, wheelchair transport or outpatient transfer, Amera can help.