Air Ambulance in Tampa, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Miami, and Orlando

When you talk about ambulances, whether they are in Tampa, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Miami, Orlando, or the surrounding areas, chances are most people will think of those fully tricked-out truck-like vehicles. Lights flashing, sirens blaring, they are hard to miss when they are truly in an emergency situation. However, ambulances are also used in many non-emergency situations, and that means that you won’t hear the sirens or see the lights flashing. Ambulances are used frequently in this manner to transport people between medical facilities that are relatively close. But what about when you have larger distances to cover? A ground transportation ambulance is often not the best solution in these cases. Having an air ambulance from Amera take you where you need to go is a great option.

Why Use an Air Ambulance?

Air Ambulance in Tampa, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Miami, and OrlandoWhy would you use an air ambulance over a ground ambulance? There are several reasons why. The first would be the distance needed to get you to your destination. The further you are going, the less likely you are to have an ambulance that is able to take you. They don’t want to spend their entire day (or more) transporting you. However, an air ambulance travels much faster and further than a ground ambulance can, which makes them a very useful alternative to use.

Another reason is that you might be in a medical emergency where a ground transport vehicle like an ambulance just wouldn’t get you to the medical help you need in time. In these cases, having an air ambulance transport you could be the difference between life and death. The planes used as air ambulances from Amera are outfitted with all of the needed equipment like a ground ambulance would have to help protect you and provide you with the care needed until you get to the location you are going.

When Can You Use Air Ambulances?

Whenever you need an air ambulance, Amera will be there for you. They have planes ready in Tampa, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Miami, Orlando, and the surrounding areas to take you where you need to go, quickly and safely. Whatever your reason, Amera has the right air ambulance for you. Give them a call today to learn what they can do for you and your medical needs and schedule your air ambulance for medical transport.