Air Ambulance and Air Medical in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville and Surrounding Cities

Amera Solutions operates an air ambulance service available to patients in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville, San Antonio, Tampa and beyond. They are a professional medical transport company and can help you with air ambulance transfer to major hospital in and around Houston.

When it comes to medical transportation and air ambulance service it makes sense to deal with a Medical Logistics Coordination Agency that can help you with professional medical booking, coordination and monitoring services. Amera has highly trained professional representatives who can assist you with anything from basic one-time need for ambulatory outpatient procedures to complex medical transportation. Amera can assist in coordinating your medical transportation requirements in a sedan, wheelchair van, a ground ambulance or an air ambulance. They will also reserve your professional medical care attendants.

If you need medical air transportation, then Amera is the company to contact. They are a premier medical transportation agency serving the Southwest and beyond. They have fine-tuned the air transportation capabilities and it won’t be as expensive as might think. Now can also afford to use safe, reliable and fast medical air transportation.

An air ambulance does provide definite benefits. These include patient comfort, on board medical care and speed.  The air ambulances operated by Amera are fully equipped. They also arrange for the required medical staff to be on board, so you can be assured best possible care during the flight.

Another option for medical air transfer is a commercial flight with a medical attendant. Amera can help you either – private air ambulance transfer or commercial air transport with medical attendant.  If you need medical transportation in the Southwest or beyond, Amera Solutions can help. They operate and coordinate ground and air medical transportation and will ensure you get from A to B safely and efficiently.