Air Ambulance and Air Medical in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville and Surrounding Areas

If you need an air ambulance in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Jacksonville or Tampa, then Amera Solutions can help. They are a medical transportation company and they operate an efficient and affordable air ambulance service.

There are many good reasons to consider and air ambulance service. Speed and time are of course key benefits. An air ambulance can get you to the hospital much faster and sooner. Sometimes the time saved can make the difference between life and death. Another solid reason is safety. Air travel is the safest form of travel. Amera uses state of the aircraft that are meticulously maintained and serviced. Their pilots are highly trained and among the best.  Comfort and attention during transit are also important benefits of air ambulance transportation.  Another important consideration is privacy. Since air ambulance transportation is a private service, patients enjoy greater privacy.

Amera have trained medical staff aboard their flights so that patients can receive the required medical care during travel. Their aircraft are also equipped with state of the art medical equipment and stocked with important supplies. When you book an air ambulance transfer with Amera, you can be confident that you or a loved one will arrive safely and will be well looked after.

An air ambulance service will be more expensive than traditional overland transportation. But it is not as expensive as you might think.  Amera operates and efficient air ambulance service where costs are kept to a minimum.  That means you or a loved one may well be able to afford air ambulance transportation

As an alternative to private air ambulance transfer, Amera also offers commercial air travel with a medical attendant. That means patients will have a qualified nurse or attendant to take of them during commercial flight and transfer.